The Charlotte Show

Charlotte Crosby has always lived her life in the public eye and now it’s time to see more of her than ever before with MTV’s brand new reality series, The Charlotte Show, is back on Wednesday 30th January at 9pm, on MTV.

Charlotte’s impressive 13 million(!) social-media followers may get a glimpse of her busy life and showbiz schedule, but The Charlotte Show goes beyond what you see on her social media and takes a closer look at what goes on behind closed doors. From her home-turf in Newcastle, to picture-perfect press trips around the world, fans will be invited to watch Charlotte being herself, unapologetically, wherever her adventures may take her. Her Twitter bio reads ‘welcome to my world’ but her faithful followers are about to find out that they have actually seen nothing yet…

A lot has happened since Charlotte’s Geordie Shore days, including two series of Just Tattoo Of Us, a best-selling fitness DVD, as well as her own clothing range and make-up line. The Charlotte Show offers an access all areas pass into Charlotte’s life as she builds her empire one selfie at a time. You may be used to Charlotte’s candid daily updates, but tune in to MTV on Wednesday 30th January at 9pm to see what happens what goes on behind her social media…

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